Know with certainty where your business is today, and plan for future success

We bring in a senior advisor to oversee your accounts team to triage complex accounting challenges, forecast different scenarios with you, do consolidations, build out dashboards for a single pane view of the numbers that matter, and sit down with you each month to plan forward

Our advisors typically have 25+ years experience across various industries and bring our combined experience as a firm to support you in your goals

Who is it best for?
We -
  • oversee your accounts team
  • provide a quality assurance layer
  • triage complex accounting issues
  • build out dashboards for a single pane view of your numbers
  • prepare and report against budgets
  • prepare 3-way forecasts and explore scenarios
  • meet monthly at a management level to discuss the numbers
  • work with your accountant

We can also -

  • do consolidated / group reporting
  • benchmark franchise locations
  • review your systems and workflows
  • advise on apps and business improvement
You -
  • provide the non financial KPIs that drive reporting
  • let us know when things change in the business - before they do
  • meet each month to go through the numbers
from $1250/ month