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Applying for a new job can be a daunting experience. Working through the process of updating your resume, attending interviews, and making a decision on your career and life - often while still working with another business. It's a big deal, and one where you want to put your best foot forward to land that dream job

As an employer, we see the other side of that equation. Putting a job ad up, and going through the process of screening many other people that like you, who all have similar experience, feel they are a good fit for the role, and would like the opportunity to work with us. How do we make that decision?

Having read thousands of resumes over the last month in order to find the right people for Digit, we want to share with you what we see in applications, and what we look for - to help you improve your chances in getting your dream role

Understand the job requirements

Each job posting has a clear description of what an ideal person looks like. Make sure you have experience that matches what is being asked for. If you don't have the experience yet, often it means 'not now' and if you really want to work with us, consider how you could get the experience we are looking for. We love people who are proactive and have seen us in the past, and spend time learning about Xero before applying

Likewise, if you apply for a role without the minimum experience we're asking for, it simply communicates to us that you haven't read the ad properly and lack the attention to detail that is important for our work

Tailor your resume

Along with having a good understanding of our requirements, a well written resume gives you the chance to be in the spotlight. Use your resume as an opportunity to highlight the depth of your experience that matches what we look for. For example - as we work with Australian businesses, we look for evidence of having good experience around bank reconciliation, using apps like Xero and Dext, preparing BAS and IAS statements

A turn-off for us is when people don't include their resume. Don't have experience we are after. Or don't explain what they did in a role that allows us to understand if they are a good fit. Remember, we want you to be successful - so do what you can to help us notice you

An example of great experience for our roles -

  • end-to-end bookkeeping experience for multiple Australian companies in different industries
  • using Dext to enter bills and receipts into Xero
  • preparing and lodging Business Activity Statements (BAS) and Income Activity Statments (IAS)
  • preparing and lodging SGC statements
  • process payruns and lodge Single Touch Payroll (STP)
  • GST and balance sheet reconciliation
  • experience reconciling clearing accounts for Afterpay, Paypal, Stripe
  • manage inter-entity loan reconciliation

Look for opportunities to stand out

The 'Why Hire Me' section in JobStreet gives you the opportunity to connect with the employer and summarise why you are a good fit. Often we see this left blank, which is a missed chance to talk to us! A great summary would explain what you understand from what we are asking for in the ad, and summarising why you are a good fit for us. We usually shortlist people who take time to craft a great statement as it shows someone proactive, conscious and intentional about their actions

Actual example of a great 'Why Hire Me' statement -

  • Worked as an accountant with meaningful experience handling a pool of Australian clients from different industries, as a Xero certified advisor, I'd love to help businesses to have clean and up-to-date files and provide reliable data so they can make better decisions for long-term growth

Actual examples of a poor 'Why Hire Me' statement -

  • Good day! I'm looking forward to hear a positive feedback on my application
  • Hi I am interested with the job position. You may call or text me for the scheduled interview

Proof-read, and spellcheck

It's a simple thing, but grammatical and spelling errors are easy to fix. Spotting simple errors in a resume or cover letter shows a lack of care and attention to detail. Before submitting your application, go over it a few times and check for misspelled words, punctuation errors or anything that can be revised to have a more presentable application

Follow the Instructions

A job ad usually gives you instructions on how to apply. It may seem easier to just click on the “Apply” button but don't disregard the instructions. If it's asking to send the application to a specific email address, or ask you to create a cover letter, or have you use the word 'rainbow' in the subject line - do it. It gives a potential employer an understanding of how well you follow instructions

Lastly, be authentically you

We're all human and not robots. An application is a great opportunity to show off your personality, so don't be afraid to write about your purpose, passions, things that get you up in the morning and drive you. The more authentic you are, the more likely we are to sit up and take notice. A recent person who joined our team shared the work they do running a non-profit that helps feed local communities in the Philippines. Things like that say everything about the nature and quality of a person. Show us who you are!

Hopefully this gives you some insight into how to land your dream role working for an Australian firm. To check out some of the amazing career opportunities we have open currently, visit our careers page here

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