At Digit we are working to create a brighter future for Australian businesses

To support us in our goal, we are looking for exceptional bookkeepers, accountants and advisors to join our team

We love the people who know their stuff. That live and breathe Xero. That understand that technology can drive business efficiency, but appreciate that what matters in business is people. We want people who see a problem, and fix it. That thrive in change. That don't define themselves by their job description, but by the change they have created at the end of each day.

People aligned with our core values

We are progressive, and are always looking for switched on people who 'get' what we're about, and want to be a part of it

Does this sound like you?

If so – reach out, connect and get in touch. Do your research and tell us why you'd be a good fit

Your starting point –

  • a Bookkeeping Cert IV or Accounting Degree with a few years experience
  • great people skills
  • an ability to communicate complex ideas simply
  • experience running a business, or several
  • Xero Certified and comfortable in the world of apps, social media, and anything tech
  • a hunger to change the world

Where you'll end up is up to you

Salary in line with experience. Send your resume to us, tell us your story, and what inspires you in business

Currently open roles