Our values are our northstar. Our guiding principles that surround everything we do, and are the filter for how we choose to live and work together

Lead. Take ownership. Challenge assumptions. Trust your gut. Stand up. Go above what is asked. Be brilliant. Be intentional. Teach others. Raise the bar. Take responsibility. Be ethical. Be the best version of you. Empower others to achieve it too. Be unexpectedly awesome.

Forward moving, Forward thinking. Be progressive in everything we do. Be proactive. A step ahead. Be innovative and explore new solutions to old problems. Continuously improve. Reinvent. Learn. Adapt. Embrace change. Accept feedback. Think laterally. Communicate early. Build towards the future we want to create.

Work Together as equals. Collaborate. Celebrate the human. Be authentic. Be family. Have empathy for everyone we touch. Consciously communicate. No politics. No ego. No bullshit. A genuine desire to raise others. Be open. Celebrate wins. Have fun. Have heart. Create a genuine experience.