The most important thing for us, in working together with you is to know that we are a good fit for one another

You see, our goal with Digit from the start has been to be intentional in our choices. That includes being clear in who we work with, and who we don't

Over the last 10 years, we've seen what has enabled us to do our best work, and reviewed those times where things haven't gone as well

We learnt that how well we can help you reach your goals is not about the size or state of your business but how well we connect with the people in it

And for us, that is the one thing that matters

We don't pretend to be everything to everyone, and we aren't looking to work with just anyone

So how can you tell if we'll be good together?

That's the magic question!

Like any relationship, a great place to start is to have shared values and a shared understanding

For us, we love great relationships, open and honest communications, leadership, proactive thinking, and working collaboratively in a 'no bullshit' and accountable way

What gets us up in the morning is the potential for creating great outcomes for great people

If you're an entrepreneur, a problem solver, a great communicator, and have a 'lets do it' attitude - it's a good start 😊

From there it's all about how we choose to act

What we ask of you -
  • talk to us, regularly
  • let us know what is happening in the business, and when things are changing
  • send us those receipts, and documents for us to do our work
  • approve things on time, and not last minute
  • be respectful to our team
  • have an open mind, and a positive attitude
What we will give you -
  • great, honest and open communication
  • a continual investment in our relationship, and in your business
  • things done for you to help out, even when you never knew you needed it
  • a great set of financials
  • no bullshit, ever

Simple right?

If we both move forward with a clear agreement and expectations, and an open mind, we'll kick some serious goals together. That's what makes a great fit

And for whatever reason if the fit isn't there - whether it's us or it's you - we will always be the first to have a chat about it, and see what we can do together to find a better solution

That's our promise to you

Where we draw the line

We believe in transparent and clear relationships where everyone knows where they stand from the start.

Here are the lines we draw in when we will tap out and walk away ...

If you -
  • don't provide us information that allows us to take reasonable care in ensuring your accounts are accurate
  • ask us to fudge your accounts to gain a benefit
  • don't pay your super obligations to your employees
  • have a pattern of not meeting payment plans with the ATO
  • underpay your employees
  • swear at or abuse any of our team
  • don't pay us for our work together
  • lie to us or act unethical in your dealings with us or others