We believe that the right mix of technology and people can transform businesses for the better

It can reduce friction as organisations scale, and make growth effortless by putting the best information into the right hands

The challenge for any organisation is in identifying the best digital tools to use in a rapidly changing world, and managing the implementation and change. That is why we formed Digit

At Digit we are a multi-award winning team of accountants, bookkeepers, BAS agents and digital advisors - who have been on the business journey many times before - having grown our own successful businesses before coming together under one roof

We live and breathe Xero, Receipt Bank, cloud platforms, and our firm is 100% cloud based ourselves. We practice what we preach. We also recognise that the cloud enables us to work with businesses everywhere in the world, and build our team across geographic borders.

Our purpose in business is simple. To help you transform your organisation, using Xero and other technology platforms as the starting point to make business effortlessly simple

Awards and Recognition

Xero Platinum Partner

Xero Platinum Partners represent the top 2% of Xero partners in the world

Australian Bookkeeping Firm of the Year 2015

This award recognises the bookkeeping firm that has most effectively driven business growth during the financial year by utilising a range of business development principles and tactics. The award considers the activities, strategies and actions of the firm in term of driving increased revenues and efficiencies within the business

Xero Bookkeeping Partner of the Year 2016

This award is given to the bookkeeping partner who has used Xero to deliver the best value-added services to clients in the past year