Our team is built on accountants, bookkeepers, BAS agents, payroll experts, and technologists working together to solve the accounting challenges in your business. Here are our stories
Andrew Erkins, Founder

Andrew Erkins. Co-Founder and CEO.

A passion for technology and people inspired Andrew to co-found Digit. With a background in information systems, he loves business strategy and figuring out what makes things tick (and how it could tick better)

Leah Moore, Managing Director

Leah Moore. Managing Partner.

Leah is our glue. The guiding hand and lodestone of Digit. Her background in customer service shines through in her ability to deftly manage relationships both with the team and with our customers.

Raymond Bechard, Founder

Raymond Bechard. Co-Founder.

Chartered Accountant and management accountant, Ray is the other co-founder of Digit. His experience with multinationals and with Deloitte gives us a solid sounding board. His kids have almost moved out of home. Almost.

Terry Bennett, CPA

Terry Bennett. CPA.

30 years as a CPA and a career spanning oil & gas to real estate, has given Terry a well developed view of the world. We’re still looking for the perfect accounting problem to try stump him.

Scott Boladeras, Senior BAS Agent

Scott Boladeras. Senior BAS Agent.

Our senior BAS agent and father of a young son. Scott is a seasoned rock climber, having once attempted the famed El Capitan in Yosemite – one of the most difficult multi-pitch routes in the world.

Jess Properjohn, Senior Admin

Jess Properjohn. Swiss Army Knife.

Mother of a beautiful young boy, Jess is the person we go to when we need things done. We have a sneaking feeling that she has the ability to read minds, she’s that good at anticipating needs.

Jen Bacquiano, BAS Agent

Jen Bacquiano. Team Leader.

One of our early team members in Manila, Jen is a CPA and BAS Agent, and knows more about GST than most Australians. She leads from the front and recently had her first son.

Gaycel Cajayon, BAS Agent

Gaycel Cajayon. Team Leader.

CPA, BAS Agent, and mother of a beautiful young woman. Gaycel excels at helping people get set up on Xero, and when new people join our team – she makes sure they get taught the right way.

Michelle Niverra, BAS Agent

Mich Niverra. Accounting Specialist.

Mich has a brilliant mind, and loves making sense of financials. She’s our go-to person when any questions arise about addons and management reporting. She’s a mother of two.