Know with certainty the position of your payroll, and what you can do about it

The starting point of any conversation about your payroll, is for both of us to understand where things stand today, and where you want to be

We will review your payroll and how it's set up to determine any work necessary to clean it up, recommend best practices, and suggest areas of improvement in a written report

Who is it best for?
We will review your -
  • financial and organisational information such as PAYG registration
  • employees and contractors for superannuation
  • balance sheet for issues
  • pay items and leave accruals
  • wages and superannuation paid as they relate to reporting
  • journals and how you use them
  • payroll reporting

in order to -
  1. flag any issues in the accounts to resolve
  2. advise on best practice and improvements
  3. recommend a plan of action

If you choose to move ahead with us in actioning changes, we will apply the $497 as a credit for you towards having the work completed
from $497