Know your numbers, like your business depends on it.

Forecast your P&L, balance sheet and cashflow 12 months into the future

Sit down with an advisor each month to discuss your strategy
Know with certainty where your business is today, and plan for future success

We bring in a senior advisor to oversee your accounts team to triage complex accounting challenges, forecast different scenarios with you, do consolidations, build out dashboards for a single pane view of the numbers that matter, and sit down with you each month to plan forward

Our advisors typically have 25+ years experience across various industries and bring our combined experience as a firm to support you in your goals

Who is it best for?
We -
  • oversee your accounts team
  • provide a quality assurance layer
  • triage complex accounting issues
  • build out dashboards for a single pane view of your numbers
  • prepare and report against budgets
  • prepare 3-way forecasts and explore scenarios
  • meet monthly at a management level to discuss the numbers
  • work with your accountant

We can also -

  • do consolidated / group reporting
  • benchmark franchise locations
  • review your systems and workflows
  • advise on apps and business improvement
You -
  • provide the non financial KPIs that drive reporting
  • let us know when things change in the business - before they do
  • meet each month to go through the numbers

Frequently asked questions about Cashflow Forecasting

What is cashflow forecasting?

A cashflow forecast is an estimate of the amount of money you expect to flow into and out of your business. The best type of cashflow forecast is a 3-way forecast as it look at the relationship between your profit and loss (income statement), balance sheet and cashflow projections together so you have a clear picture of both your future cash position, and the financial health of your business. Cashflow forecasting is best done as a regular activity to understand how changes in your business conditions impact your future plans

What is the difference between a budget and a forecast?

A budget is designed to predict expected revenue and expenses during a specific period before the budgeted period starts. It's usually prepared for one accounting period, and is usually limited to the income statement (or profit and loss) accounts. People usually compare a budget to actuals when looking back at how the business performed. A forecast is an estimate of financial outcomes based on set assumptions, and can be prepared in a way that combined your financial health (balance sheet), cashflow, and profit and loss to get a clearer picture of the future. A budget and a forecast are not the same things, and business owners sometimes use them interchangeably despite having different goals

What is a rolling forecast?

A rolling forecast is designed to be a live financial plan. It's a forecast that is updated regularly throughout the year to adjust assumptions, and provide an accurate view of the future of the business over a longer timeframe. Typically you might see a rolling forecast prepared over a 12, 24, or 36 month timeframe - providing long term insights into the financial performance of a business

Can you forecast cashflow in Xero?

You can forecast cashflow in Xero in a limited way. Xero has a basic cashflow forecasting tool called the Short-term Cash Flow report. It uses invoices and bills, their due dates and expected payment dates to predict cash coming into the business and cash going out. It doesn't look at recurring expenses like wages, spend or receive money transactions, and only looks at either a 7 or 30 day time period. For a clearer forecast of your cashflow, you need to look at forecasting addons

What cashflow forecasting addons do you recommend?

The best cashflow forecasting tool to use is different for each business. Some businesses have weekly patterns in their business and so a tool like DryRun might be the best to use. Other businesses might be monthly, so Float might be the right solution for them. For more complex businesses you could consider Futrli, Fathom or Calxa. The most important thing to look for in a cashflow forecasting addon is that it connects to Xero, so that it can pull the financial data out and automate the process. And that it allows you to build a cashflow that accurately reflects what you estimate will happen in your business into the future

What is 3-way forecasting?

A three-way forecast is a financial model that combines your 3 main financial reports into one consolidated report. It combines your Income Statement (Profit & Loss), Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cashflows together into a single model. Doing this allows you to forecast how changes in your income or expenses impact your cashflow, or decisions to invest in assets or pay down liabilities impact your cashflow.