When you want payroll completely taken care of, so you don't need to stress about it

Let us be your payroll team that takes care of processing payroll on time, managing superannuation contributions, setting up and terminating employees in Xero, and filing your payruns under Single Touch Payroll with the ATO

We will also review your employment contracts, manage employee on-boarding for payroll, and answer basic HR questions you have *

* complex questions we will coordinate with our trusted HR partners

Who is it best for?
We -
  • collate your timesheets
  • process your payroll on time, every time
  • manage your superannuation contributions
  • file your payruns under Single Touch Payroll
  • process terminations and redundancies
  • add in new employees
  • prepare payroll reports
  • review your contracts
  • collect your statutory employment forms
  • support with basic HR questions
  • provide unlimited phone and email support
  • advise on best practice and improvements

We can also -

  • manage journals for accruals and provisions
  • manage payroll tax
  • manage portable long service leave schemes
  • prepare custom reports
You -
  • approve timesheets
  • approve superannuation contributions
  • answer any questions we have as they come up
  • send through paperwork for new employees
  • let us know when things change
from $15/ per person per payrun