A Chartered Accountant, Technologist, and Bookkeeper walk into a room ...

Before we started Digit, we spent 6 months talking to business owners to understand where they struggled with managing their day to day accounting. We did our market research.

During these chats the business owner would often ask what sort of business we were looking to set up

We'd say -

'Well we're a chartered accountant, bookkeeper and technologist - and we want to help businesses leverage technology and proactively manage their day to day accounting to get accurate information to make better business decisions.'

They'd usually look a bit puzzled for a moment, then pensively reply - 'so you're bookkeepers ?'

Confused at the misunderstanding, we'd double down and repeat ourselves -

'No, no - we're an accountant, bookkeeper, and technologist who help businesses improve how they manage their accounts to make better business decisions. Only one of us is a bookkeeper.' And as if reinforcing the statement, we'd point to Leah every time helpfully suggesting 'and it's her ...'

And then slower this time, with growing certainty, the business owner would respond -

'So... you're bookkeepers then.'

If you have enough of those same conversations, there comes a point where it's simply easier to allow people to define you by the labels that work for them. Business lesson #1

So when it came time to register the business, it made sense to call ourselves Digit Books

For a long time that name has served, and at times caused much amusement. We could write a book on the number of times we've been confused as a publisher. And with a subtle touch of irony, we've been honoured to win many awards as a bookkeeping firm of note in our industry

The label at times has also been a crux. Business lesson #2

Ask any bookkeeper the number of times they've had a tax accountant talk down to them after hearing the title 'bookkeeper'. And for many business owners, they don't always consider talking to their bookkeeper about the management aspects of business. Even though a bookkeeper often has one of the best hands-on, experience driven, and pragmatic perspectives of how the business functions

The world has changed significantly in the 5 years since we started. 'What is the cloud?' is no longer a question we get asked often, and neither is 'what is Xero?'. We've all moved on from those dark times

And the perception of what defines a bookkeeper or accountant has changed with time too. If you've ever heard someone from industry utter the catchphrase 'trusted advisor' - it's the best example of the challenge the industry faces in defining roles that continue to evolve. Traditional boundaries, and traditional labels don't quite work anymore.

To that end, we've chosen to circle back to where we began. To the core idea of an accountant, bookkeeper, and technologist - working together to help business owners modernise their business in a digital age and make sense of their numbers. We've made the decision to rebrand to Digit Business

It's a representation of the two things that do define us, and that we are deeply passionate about - numbers and business

We do this in the spirit of having broad conversations with you about the foundations that support your business - people, technology, and sound financial management. Open conversations without the limiting restrictions that traditional labels bring, and the ability to get to the heart of what really matters

As we move forward you'll see our services evolve - less about functional boundaries, and focused on solutions to business problems. You'll hear us talk not about bookkeeping services but about building an accounts team for your business. Providing instant financial capability. A team that scales as you do, and one that pulls in the right people when you need them, to solve your challenges

It's a changing world, and we're excited for it. Come along with us on this journey as we start back at our beginning

Welcome to Digit.Business

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Andrew Erkins

A passion for technology and people inspired Andrew to co-found Digit. With a background in information systems, he loves business strategy and figuring out what makes things tick (and how it could tick better)

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Do you want to grow your business?

We can help you uncover the key metrics that drive your business, and discuss your numbers

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