Get instant answers to questions you have about Xero by phone or email

Getting answers to questions about your Xero account can be challenging when contacting Xero support, especially when the questions relate to treatment of transactions or have accounting specific impacts.

Let us be your year round support, being on call to answer those questions

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We -
  • provide unlimited email and phone support
  • answer basic questions about Xero and your accounts
  • provide a 20% discount for any work you'd like us to action
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Things to know -

  • if an answer is complex, we will recommend a training session to ensure your question is answered appropriately
  • if you would like us to action things in your accounts, we can do that for a fee
$49/ month

Frequently asked questions about Xero Phone Support

Does Xero have a support phone number?

Xero don't have a support phone number. What this means as a Xero user is that support requests will need to be done via ticket within Xero. What Xero do have is a call back request option on Xero Central. Here, you can let them know your preferred time to call and they'll get in touch. If you have a more immediate question you want help with in your accounts, you can always use our paid Xero support

How can I get support from Xero?

You can get help from Xero from within your Xero organisation by clicking on the question mark (?) icon on the top right. This will link you through to Xero Central where you can click on 'Contact Xero Support' to raise a new ticket. Raising tickets in this way allows you to see when Xero support have been in contact with you and manage the cases.