Catchup bookkeeping for when things are behind

Professionally reconciled accounts that are accurate and up to date

Fixed fee projects. No lock in contracts

Fallen behind? Messy accounts? It happens

We can help get you caught up, fixing up your accounts and getting them up to date so you can get back to doing what you do best

No matter how complex, or challenging the problem - we can sort it out, fast

Who is it best for?
How it works -
  1. we review your accounts to understand the work involved
  2. we provide you with a fee estimate and a timeframe to catch things up
  3. you give us approval to get started, and we go in and get it done

What you get with our Catchup Bookkeeping

Discovery chat

Review of your business needs

Clear delivery plan and timeframe

Bookkeeping done by certified accountants

Published reports on completion

Chat at the end of the project for next steps

How our catchup bookkeeping service works

Frequently asked questions about Catchup Bookkeeping

What is catchup (or rescue) bookkeeping?

Catchup bookkeeping is a once-off project to get your accounts up to date and reconciled. It's usually done where the accounts have fallen behind, or there are problems in the accounts that need to be resolved to be financially accurate. Occasionally the trigger is wanting to get your tax returns done during tax season before you see your accountant. Sometimes it involves also catching up on BAS or other compliance reporting. Some people refer to catch up bookkeeping as a rescue or fix up - we like to think we're simply helping business owners get a clean set of books that they can move forward with, with confidence.

How to catch up on your bookkeeping?

To get your bookkeeping caught up, here are some things you need to do. Collect your receipts and import them into Xero. Reconcile your bank accounts, so that it matches what is on your bank statement. Keep a clear separation between personal and business expenses. Have a registered BAS agent review your income and expenses to check that they are correct for GST. Lodge all outstanding Business Activity Statements (BAS), and any other financial reporting obligations.

What can you do to help me catch up?

Pretty much everything. When we are looking to catch up bookkeeping, we're simply looking to get your books up to date and reconciled. Sometimes that's fixing up errors in the accounts, other times it's cleaning up or doing data entry by importing bank transactions and credit card statements, invoices and bills.